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By : Insights Middle East  | 2017-10-01
ECRME Revenue Management & Digital Marketing Certification Training is back in Dubai
ECRME is back in Dubai with Revenue Management & Digital Marketing Certifications If you think Revenue Managers are nerdy guys hiding behind screens and mountains of data/paper - it is time to adjust the picture! Today's Revenue Managers are highly skilled professionals who understand Revenue…
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By : Sojern  | 2017-04-02
Cristina Polo on Hospitality Trend in Growing MEA Region - Part 2
Cristina Polo, GM of Insights Middle East team, channels her wealth of experience in the hotel sector to helping other hospitality and tourism brands in the Middle East solve their unique challenges. We continue by discussing the evolving role of digital in the Middle East and Africa, the seemingly…
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By : Sojern  | 2017-03-29
Cristina Polo on Hospitality Trend in Growing MEA Region - Part 1
Cristina Polo is a French expat who has been living in Dubai for the last 11 years. With close to 20 years experience in the hospitality industry in Europe and Middle East & Africa, she’s worked with global and regional multi-brand groups, including Hilton and the Rezidor Hotel Group,…
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By : Gulf News  | 2016-06-19
Staycation on the rise in the UAE
“The staycations trend is definitely getting stronger year-on-year in the UAE,” said Cristina Polo, general manager at consultancy Insights Middle East. “There are more options available. From the ‘shopping destination’, the UAE has diversified its offerings and the options…
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By : Insights  | 2016-06-14
Insights Middle East Newsletter - Insights appoints Cristina Polo as General Manager
Insights is delighted to announce the appointment of Cristina Polo as General Manager, joining the team in May 2016, Cristina is credited with experience spanning twenty years in the hospitality industry in Europe the Middle East & Africa. She has successfully worked with global and regional…
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