About Us


Partners, not clients 

Insights has quickly established a very broad portfolio of projects and partners. Our frank, honest and direct approach to our work has not gone unnoticed from companies out with the hospitality industry and we are delighted to have partnered with and to continue to work with a very broad list of industries and organisations.

As our client list demonstrates, every single project and partner are unique, yet every single one of them gets the full attention and focus of the Insights team to ensure we deliver the results asked of us.

From the grandiose to the discreet and confidential, from groundbreaking forward thinking research to more traditional forms of feasibility and fact finding, we have completed it all.

Launching new brands, resorts, apartments, hotels, spa's and restaurants and providing quality assurance, re-training and modernised policies & procedures are among some of the work we have completed.

Strategizing on channel management evolution and providing direction and hands-on management for distribution, our team are well placed to provide you with all of the necessary assistance, advice, and recommendations to drive your business forward.


Insights management consultancy LLC