Feasibility Studies & Market Research

We are on the ground

Whether it is important to remain anonymous, completing competitor analysis or considering expansion plans, the importance of research should never be underestimated.

Insights has been commissioned on countless occasions to get the heart of the matter and conduct in-depth research which facilitates decision making. Our recent research has swayed organizations to re-think a business expansion plan destined to fail. Other research has pinpointed exact locations and provided “red hot” qualified leads for rapid growth.

With connections throughout the region, Insights has the ability to access up to the minute information and conducts real face to face interviews, telephone calls, and verification. Insights has provided in-depth research for many successful businesses and also conducted feasibility work for many other ideas which ensured solid guiding principles and key feedback, thus allowing owners to make well thought out investment decisions.

As a thought leader in the Hospitality industry, Insights have instigated research including the completion of the regions first PhocusWright Online Travel Overview for the Travel Industry, detailed work on market sizing for the SPA and Medical Tourism segments and behavioral research on buying behavior of the online Arabic consumer.

Led by an experienced researcher born and based in the region and with access to a deep base of research fellows, our work is highly customized and focused on primary in-depth field work.

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