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Insights Middle East is determined to address the challenges in the field of Revenue Management by offering training courses in Dubai.

  • RM01 – Concepts of Revenue Management

This module familiarizes the participants with the fundamental principals of modern Revenue Management. Apart from the basic concepts, i.e. Kimes “Strategic Levers of Revenue Management“, their application (“Demand Calendar“) and the most important key figures/ratios are covered.

  • RM02 – Strategic Revenue Management

The focus is laid on mid- and long-term objectives of Revenue Management. Key elements of this module are Comp set, Positioning, Benchmarking and Performance Monitoring.

  • RM03 – Revenue Management Operations

By structuring Revenue Management into daily, weekly and monthly tasks the application and operations side are demonstrated, discussed and familiarized. This includes the organisation and structure of Revenue Meetings, which can be applied directly in the participants hotel/organisation.

  • RM04 - Total Revenue Management

As in many companies, Revenue Management is solely applied in Rooms Divisions, this module concentrates on the application in other revenue generating departments. For F&B, banquets and conferences, and Spa, examples get analysed, key benchmark figures developed and potential measures discussed.

  • RM05 – Live application and case studies

As already in Block 1 “Revenue Management“ this module will challenge the participants with the transfer and application of the learned. They will analyse a hotel (the use of their own hotel/company is possible upon request) in a complex business case, determine strategic need areas and propose measures answering these needs. 

We also provide private and customize revenue training courses. Talk to us about your training requirements.

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